Transformation = Life

photo by Larry Fallon

When I first saw this dynamic situation in my pond I had very different expectations as to what would unfold before my camera lens.
Over the next hour and forty five minutes there was transformation, on so many levels.

let that go too…..

Orion’s Belt photo by Larry Fallon

Out in the center of deep space
Swings an enormous gate
A gust of wind pushes the gate wide open
Into vast space ahead
Gusting wind turns and pulls the gate wide open
Into vast space within

I breathe out
I breathe in

Swirling deep within an ocean
Of sub-atomic particles
Two vortices are drawn together then merge
The spin intensifies
Then stops pulsing

Each pulse expands further
Each particle reverses spin

The vortices begin to drift apart
but can never disengage completely again

I came
She came
We came
We drifted apart

At the gravitational…

…a wonderful reminder of someplace I have been, or some person who thought of me…

As I work to survive my 69th year on this planet, to survive this pandemic, to recuperate from the last few years of sometimes exhausting changes, I use mementos I have carried with me through eight moves since 2003. As I look around almost every object on almost every shelf in my new home, and on my shrine, is a wonderful reminder of someplace I have been, or some person who thought of me while they were away bringing back something for me, to let…

laugh favorite mind
smile understand receive peace
caress kiss soar share

Every blessing has a price.

Living alone has many blessings and is in many ways a privileged lifestyle. Every blessing has a price. The quiet is wonderful until the whistle and roar of my tinnitus becomes the only thing I can hear. Alone time is wonderful until I have had too much of it.

photo by Larry Fallon, my kitchen
photo by Larry Fallon, my kitchen
photo by Larry Fallon, my kitchen

The relaxed pace of a meal can be followed by any other activity without the interruption of washing the dishes; for about three days. Then the little me that is a housekeeper has to show up and put away the clean dishes, still in the dishwasher…

The light and the moisture…

Petals open from flower buds on stalks that develop slowly, over weeks that can turn into months, that can end in nothing much at all. But when the light is right, the moisture is regular, but never drenching, the temperature in that Goldilocks range, never too hot and never ever too cold, the buds slowly swell. As the petals start to open color spreads from the green of the bud’s base to the opening end of each petal. …

photo by Larry Fallon — Eastern Bluebird

Sitting in the warm afternoon sun the perfume of quince blossoms fills the air and the humming honey bees provide the soundtrack.

These last few weeks have been slow moving, an unfolding, an opening, a revelation of life in rebirth. As the Dogwood petals unfurl, the Azaleas pop from tight little green buds to flowers of every pastel with sexy stamens and pistols waving seductively in the breezes.

While on the computer screen the daily toll of infections and deaths due COVID 19 roll up like an odometer counting every passing life.

Each morning sipping my coffee looking out over…

photo by Larry Fallon — Lake Linganore spillway

Larry Fallon

Avid reader, writer, meditator and aging hippie. Creative activities each day, writing, photography, and day dreaming, all keep me coming back tomorrow.

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